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Keep track of individual samples using our well plate management software. This feature generates tables of specimens, including controls and calibrators, to be handled as batches for tracking throughout the laboratory information system (LIS). Originally based on the standard 96 well (8×12) sample plates that are loaded onto LC/MS instrumentation; our software is customizable to other laboratory equipment. By utilizing ”method” definitions to generate CSV worklists, our system supports export as a CSV that can be directly imported into the LC/MS. The LIS can reference each well plate position for you to quickly find where samples have run. Plate reports can be generated by accession or date.

  • Generate tables of specimens, controls, and calibrators as batches for tracking through the LIS

  • Able to be customized from the standard 96 well sample plate

  • Supports export as a CSV worklist that can be imported into the LC/MS

  • Utilizes “method” definitions to generate worklists

  • References well-plate position throughout the LIS

  • Supports report generation of well plate by accession or date

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