Specimen Tracking

Quality, Security, and Traceability of Samples

End-to-End Sample Tracking Software

Our LIMS provides robust sample tracking functionality covering every aspect of the sample’s journeys, from accessioning, barcoding, QC data management, sample storage, reporting, audit capabilities, and more.


A Comprehensive Approach to Sample Tracking

Monitor specimens from receival at the laboratory to client report delivery by utilizing our sample tracking software. It is imperative that the chain of custody is consistently followed throughout the workflow of the laboratory. Results from a laboratory test have undeniably important implications ranging from prescription drug monitoring for pain management clinics to pathology results identifying an unknown disease that is crippling a patient. It is essential that results are issued promptly and accurately with no margin for error. Our specimen tracking software has been designed to have acute attention to detail, ensuring that the chain of custody is being followed throughout every step of the process. Our barcode label generator ensures unique identified visibility for the specimen throughout each stage of analysis.

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