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Client and Sales Integration

Enrich customer and sales satisfaction and increase operational efficiencies.  Our web portals enable concentrate laboratory, client, and sales optimization and communication.


iPowerDoc Web Portal

Effortlessly access laboratory orders and results using our iPowerDoc web portal. This is where clinics can safely view patient output reports at any time needed. This website complies with HIPAA guidelines by completing all required steps to ensure that patient information remains private. Security measures are frequently updated and monitored in order to protect all patient result transactions. An example of this can be viewed through a “lock” seen on your browser window that signifies all information submitted through the webpage is encrypted and protected. We utilize infrastructure firewalls, internal access limitations, physical site security, data encryption through Secure Socket Layer, internal security policies, and industry self-regulation guidelines to ensure that your information remains protected at all times. 

  • HIPAA Compliant
  • View Patient Reports
  • Order Tests/Req Entry
  • Specimen Daily Log
  • Patient Maintenance

Sales Web Portal

Sales Web Portal

Sales representatives can obtain test counts and amounts billed within our innovative sales web portal. This platform connects sales representatives with the content needed to ensure their accounts are operating functionally. Sample analytics shows the number of specimens collected per individual client over time, providing crucial information concerning account strength and overall performance. Consumable goods necessary for sample collection can also be ordered here. Sales representatives can request changes to their accounts customized order forms with approval by a requesting physician. This web portal is HIPAA compliant and is regularly monitored to ensure thorough safety measures are being maintained. 

  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Specimen Analytics
  • Specimen Billing Tracking
  • Account Customization
  • Sale Team Organization
  • Supply Ordering

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