Innovative Pathology Technology

Anatomic Pathology Laboratory Innovation

Our pathology module is flexible, navigable, and reliable.  Report formats are customizable for pathologist ease.  Our next-generation LIMS helps pathology laboratories meet the evolving demands of pathology services.  Our platform delivers the best solutions to empower labs to operate at the highest levels of operational efficiency, patient safety, and financial prosperity.


Pathology Case Management and Review

Manage and review current and past pathology cases in real-time using our innovative pathology module. This tool is streamlined to track the analysis of tissue, cell, or body fluid samples. The pathology dashboard shows ongoing case status as well as personalized notes from users for individual patients. Management is able to assign specific cases to each pathologist using our centralized review. Cases can be filtered to narrow down searches and fit the criteria you’re specifically looking for. The LIS login provides quick access to open cases assigned to each user, allowing pathologists to view their new and existing workload.

  • Track analysis of tissue, cell or body fluid samples

  • Dashboard of cases displays most relevant information

  • Consolidated review allows assignment of cases to pathologists by management team

  • Cases separated by variety of filters and group updates

  • Centralized tracking of cases by pathologist or send-out lab

  • LIS logon shows open cases assigned to the user

  • Pathologists can login to view new and existing workload

  • Integrated with Requisition Entry to allow preliminary resulting during accessioning

  • Allows technical components to be captured during order entry

  • Apply result text and/or images to all reported sections

  • Utilizes pre-formatted result text and allows for appending information

  • Supports Interface(s) with microscope(s)


Pathology Results Entry

Pathology results entry is seamlessly integrated with requisition entry to allow for preliminary results during accessioning. Within result entry technical components can be captured during order submission and result text and/or images can be applied to all reported sections. Pre-formatted result text allows information to be appended to any part of the report while maintaining structural integrity. Interfacing with one or more microscopes is supported.

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