Trend Analysis

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Why is trend analysis important to your business?

Trend analysis can improve your business by helping your laboratory identify areas that are doing well, as well as areas that are not doing well.  In this way, it provides valuable information to help inform better decision making around longer-term strategies.


Help Predict the Future

Identify positive or negative trends using our trends module. Easily pinpoint areas of systematic errors for improvement or focus on beneficial outcomes and how to translate results to encompass the entire laboratories workflow. This functionality allows for the executive team to make informed decisions based on overall company data. Employees can view billing denials in a concise format, or identify frequency of corrective action reports that need to be re-issued due to incorrect patient demographics. Having this information branch across multiple departments and then displayed within a single compact module allows for easier decision making. Areas for improvement can be identified down to the pre-analytical, analytical, or post-analytic stages.

Harness the full potential of your laboratory