Chemistry & Toxicology

Automate and Drive the Entire Clinical Chemistry Workflow

Software Developed for Toxicology Labs & Pain Clinics

We have worked with chemistry laboratories for decades and fully understand their unique needs in delivering accurate, efficient, and compliant functionalities for routine workflows.  Every aspect of our platform is customizable to support your laboratory needs.


End-to-End Lab Management

We offer a robust and scalable platform for routine chemistry, toxicology, addiction treatment, pain management, and forensics.  Select from multiple report formats with graphical information.  Custom panels, metabolite logic, cutoff values, reflex testing, confirmatory results, interpretations, and so much more.  Our long history in this space, allows us to deliver a state-of-the-art LIMS that encompasses accuracy, efficiency, and compliance.

  • Secure and HIPAA compliant, meeting government security standards for data transmission/storage

  • Interface capabilities with electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems, Billing Systems, Lab Instruments, and more

  • Integrated specimen tracking systems enabling automated tracing from start to finish

  • Track patients history allowing providers to quickly access past patient reports and historical data

  • Audit logs and role-based access to make sure specific individuals or groups have access to the right data

  • Support for all standard integration technologies which include HL7, ASTM, Webservices, FHIR

  • Customizable reports as per your lab specifications

  • Custom Compounds, Drug Panels, and Test Profiles

  • Rule based order entry and result reporting

  • Integrated batch printing modules

  • APIs that can be customized according to the needs of the lab.


Elegant & Customizable

Design your workflow as you see fit.  We offer configurable solutions that maximize process automation to improve the efficiency of laboratory workflow, reduce errors, and increase the value of laboratory services to customers.

Harness the full potential of your laboratory