Assisted Living/Nursing Homes

Improve the Quality of Senior Patient Care

The Nursing Home Lab Connection

Our LIMS core functions help clinics assist in the delivery, support, and management of patient care in retirement communities, assisted living facilities, and senior care nursing homes.


We make care easier

Our software assists nursing homes in increasing patient safety, improving workflow, and generating easy to read report types regarding patient health. Facilities can track patient admission, transfer, and discharge to ensure accurate bed counts, quality of living standards, and inventory supply counts are accurate through each step of the process. Administration can utilize this software to analyze trends and promote continuous quality improvement. Physicians can accurately monitor medication orders and check status updates from the laboratory on requested test orders. They can also view patient medical records to ensure patient care is being maintained in a timely manner. Minimum data set (MDS) forms can be accessed and submitted for proper clinical assessment of individual patients. Electronic submissions to third-party insurance companies can also be entered and monitored with ease to free up time for staff to attend to patients.

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